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Greece Emerging Community

We are holding conversations with Athenian Institute of Anthropos, (AIA) to co-create a SoL Greece community. This year, AIA is celebrating its 50th anniversary.

AIA is the Center for Research, Training and Development of Applications in the Behavioral – Social Sciences of Anthropos (the Greek word for Human Being, that is, the ‘’Whole Person’’). The AIA was the first institution to apply and teach family therapy in Greece. George and Vasso Vassiliou developed approaches relevant to the Greek context and used the pioneering work of N. Ackerman, V. Satir, P. Watzlawick and others of the Palo Alto Group, with whom they kept a longstanding collaboration since their first contact in the late 1960’s.

AIA is a professional nonprofit association, founded in 1963 by Drs. George and Vasso Vassiliou and is based in Athens, Greece.The Anthropos Institute uses a Systemic – Dialectic Psychosocial Approach according to which “Anthropos”, is conceptualized αs α biopsychosocial, open, information-processing, decision-making, Anotropic System.

Should you have any interest, please contact Konstantinos Papachristopoulos:

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