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Conscious society and democracy in Europe

Is the evolution towards a conscious society necessary to maintain democracy in Europe? Does our democratic system need to evolve to survive in the digital age? How can people, communities and organizations contribute to increased consciousness?

Our democracies as we know now are threatened due to the changes that digital transformation, global economy, social injustices, climate change and populism, among other things, are driving. The mechanisms in place to protect our democratic system are no longer enough.

We need to start having conversations about how to preserve equal rights for all and secure our democracy in the digital age. Understanding democracy requires systems thinking and a higher level of consciousness that only a part of the population possesses. In Society for Organizational Learning (SoL) we create open seminars and webinars that make this kind of understanding and insight accessible to all participants.

The seminars/webinars are transformative processes that take the participants on an inner journey while co-creating with others. Our goal is a change that continues long after the seminar’s end and is driven by participating individuals setting their own goals, creating their own contribution. We want to help participants make insights that becomes an integrated part of themselves and thus the change keeps spreading.

SoL Sweden is leading this learning process, together with a local foundation and an international co-creation and co-facilitation team.

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