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Global SoL A non-profit association

Global SoL

Global SoL is a non-profit, global membership society, composed only of SoL community members dedicated to stewarding to the SoL principles and the SoL brand.
Purpose Learning communities


To co-create, discover, integrate and implement theories and practices for the interdependent development of people, teams and the large system.
Purpose Networking to SoL communities

Global SoL

To provide networking to SoL communities dedicated to fostering knowledge generation and diffusion for fundamental individual, team and large system learning and change.
Principles Make no decision and perform no function at a higher or more central level than can be accomplished at a more local level.

Global SoL guiding principles

Intellectual Output

Use research generated by the community in ways that most benefit society.


Openly and fairly acknowledge intellectual contributions to concepts, theories, and practices, both from within and from outside the community.

Participation & Quality

Contribute to and/or participate in research, capacity building, and practice, striving for the highest standards of quality.


Transcend institutional and intellectual boundaries and roles that limit or diminish learning.


Make no decision and perform no function at a higher or more central level than can be accomplished at a more local level.


Conduct all deliberations and make all decisions by bodies and methods that reasonably represent all relevant and affected parties.

Shared Responsibility

Advance the Purpose in accordance with these Principles in ways which enhance the capacity of the community as a whole, as well as that of each member.

Adaptive Governance

Continually conceive, implement, and practice governance concepts and processes which encourage adaptability, diversity, flexibility, and innovation.

Governance Four interdependent bodies to cope with our purpose and vision

Global SoL governance

The General Assembly meets at least once a year to maintain a shared vision, adherence to SoL principles, brand integrity and the proper functioning and development of the Global SoL. The General Assembly makes the major decisions about Global SoL policies, finance and research priorities.

The SoL communities making the financial contribution for the year are entitled to vote and to nominate a member to represent the community at Global SoL Board. Each voting community has one vote.

The Global SoL Board is elected by the General Assembly. Board members work in service of all community members and facilitate the implementation of the Global SoL priorities and policies.

The Inspirational Council is nominated and elected by the General Assembly; it has an advisory role. They ensure our reflective practice by sharing their vision on today’s world, providing new perspectives, keeping us grounded, inspiring us to action, and helping us communicate what we are doing.

Members Board Members

Global SoL board


Antonio Linares-Güemes

SoL Spain

Camila Amaya Castro

SoL France

Konstantin Yordanov

SoL Bulgaria

Johanna Gillberg

SoL Sweden

Tara Krimbell-Cole

SoL Singapore

Alfred Hanner

SoL North America

Stephano Gianotti

Global Coaching Community